Tile Sealing

TILEGUARD The Tile Sealing Company

We are experts in the Tile Sealing business in Cape Town

Tile Sealing Tile Sealing Picture

Tile Guard has 3 different types of tile sealers:

  • A Matt penetrating tile sealer…penetrates into the tile does not change the appearance of the tile
  • A color enhancing penetrating tile sealer…brings out the colors of old tiles
  • A top sealer…very shiny gloss

The tile sealers that are used by Tileguard are professionally made and not available for purchase as a DIY product in any of the local hardware stores.

The various types of tile sealing products that can be purchased in 5 Liter containers. Please contact us for pricing.

The tile sealing process normally follows the tile cleaning process. The sealers that we use take approximately 2 – 3 hours to dry and usually involves 2 – 3 coats to ensure that the maximum penetration into the tile is achieved.

After 3 hours the tiles can again be walked on .

Various buffing pads can be used to create a glossy look according to the clients requirements.

We offer favorable tile sealing solution pricing for large amounts of tile sealer purchased.