Tile Cleaning

TILEGUARD Tile Cleaning Services in Cape Town


TILEGUARD is Cape Town’s Leading Professional Tile Cleaning, Tile Sealing and Tile Rejuvenation & Restoration company.

Tile Cleaning Process Tile Cleaning Process

We clean the following tile types:

All Natural Stone, Sandstone, Travertine, Slate, Terracotta, Marble, Granite, Limestone, Porcelain, Ceramic

The Tile Cleaning Process:

The process of tile cleaning varies according to specific tile types.

Either an acid based or alkaline based cleaning solution is used depending on the surface. Once the residue of the tile surface has been removed, various buffing pads can then be utilized to create a specific look.

If required the client has the option of the tiles being re-sealed which obviously from a protection perspective increases the longevity of the tile.

Many clients are concerned that during the tile cleaning process there is a lot of dust & grime. Our process is a dustless process.


Tile Cleaning After Pictures Tile Cleaning After Picture


Another one of our offerings is refilling of holes in Travertine tiles if required.

Another process that we do is one of tile stripping where we strip the old existing sealer off the tiles. Various solvents are used for this process. During this process all surface dirt that lays within the old sealer is removed. This allows us access to marks that have penetrated into the tile and also allows the new sealer to penetrate adequately and in so doing sealing making sure that the seal is perfect. This ensures a professional & complete tile cleaning process is followed.

We also offer a tile refurbishment process. This process involves us stripping the old sealer off the tile thus allowing us access to the existing marks in the tile we use a combination of pigments and sealer to match the exact colour of the tile and thereby masking the stain in the tile.

Tile Cleaning of Slate Tiles Tile Cleaning of Slate Tiles

We also offer tile sealing and tile restoration services.